A short tribute by Morgan Scorpion, with an excerpt from Fat Face

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Thank you Morgan Scorpion for this very beautiful reading.

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Thank you

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Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post and express their feelings and thoughts for our family. It is very much appreciated. Linda

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sheaMichaelTo all our friends in the Bay Area:

Michael will be doing a reading of ASSAULT ON SUNRISE at Book Passages in the SF Ferry Building on Thursday, September 5th.

The location is Book Passage, 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA 94111

Come if you can! We’d love to see you.

Can’t make it to an event? Want a signed copy?

Order a signed book from Book Passage at no extra charge while supplies last.

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nift the lean2To the delight of many long time readers, Michael is currently having a good time working on a new Nifft the Lean story.

From this we present a small section of verse:


Man for the million million years
He’s shared the earth with demonkind,
Has asked why they, in their ageless lairs,
So lust for his frail soul and mind.

Whatever hands set the clock of stars
Wheeling and wheeling down through time
Also sundered those empires
With barriers both now over-climb.

That men should go down to those sunless moors
Where Horror and Harm breed deathless forms,
Or to the Demon Sea’s littered shores,
Or its depths, where riches breed like worms:

That men do this (as the Privateer
Gildmirth of Sordon did in his pride)
Is no surprise, save that they dare
To sail that shape-tormented tide.

But why are netherworld nets flung here,
And men snagged out of their mortal terms–
Trawled kicking down from life in the air
To immortal drowning in monstrous arms?

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I haven’t read all of John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee novels. But of those I’ve enjoyed the one that moved me most was BRIGHT ORANGE FOR THE SHROUD. So slender a book, but each page a well-honed blade.
Boone Waxwell reads like an up-river Mephistopheles. That’s just one of the things that’s so wonderful about MacDonald– he knows how to make monsters. (I use the present tense because like all great writers, he is always with us and still very much alive for me.) Though more prolific than Raymond Chandler he had the same gift of fashioning living, breathing, human gargoyles. And he knew how to give those gargoyles play; he let them run out some line and tear up the scenery; he savored extravagant violence, understanding that monstrosity is a baroque form, requiring resonant and detailed confrontation with evil–sometimes charismatic evil.
Waxwell’s rape kills both its victim and her worthless husband, who dies by her hand (so right that gesture).
But oh, the monsters death when it comes! How more than fitting! How tailored (though large in the bias!) to his crime! It’s among the most fulfilling climaxes in popular fiction.

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