A Quest for Simbilis

by on Feb.10, 2020

New Life for Dying Earth Sequel!

World Fantasy Award winner Michael Shea’s A Quest for Simbilis is now available in a new edition!

Spatterlight Press released the book on their “Paladins of Vance” label. A Quest for Simbilis is an authorised sequel to Jack Vance’s Dying Earth books.

Fans of Michael and Jack will remember the saga of Cugel the Clever. Cugel was dumped by a winged demon into the northern shores of the Sea of Cutz. Cugel vows to take revenge from Iucounu, the Laughing Magician and sets forth his journey back to Almery…

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Michael Shea - Quest For Simbilis

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Michael Shea’s short story, “Uncle Tuggs” now out in Patton Oswalt’s collection, The Ghost Box.

by on Jan.28, 2019

“Uncle Tuggs” was first published in 1986 in F&SF Magazine. Since then, it has been anthologized over and again. In this collection, Uncle Tuggs makes his most recent appearance in Hingston and Olsen’s collection, The Ghost Box.
The Ghost Box is just that: a diminutive box full of individually bound scary stories including not only Shea’s work, but also that of Robert Hugh Benson, Stephen King, and Harlan Ellison. Chosen by the editor, Patton Oswalt, “Uncle Tuggs” settles nicely in the box as Shea effortlessly melds horror and humor in this story of a land possessed by a vengeful demon.

Set in the Sonoma County California hills of the 80’s when marijuana was still illegal, “Uncle Tuggs” is a horrific frolic in which the tools come alive to wreak bodily destruction. Shea’s narrative uses his own familiarity with the time, the place, and the life of an honest man working hard labor. At the story’s center is a red-neck hero, the tongue in cheek witness to the destruction of some no-good good ole boys. Laird Barron once graced the humor of the story with it’s own name: Tuggsian. This blend of supernatural revenge and pure backwoods bumbling definitely lives up to that name.

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H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast is covering “Tsathoggua” by Michael Shea

by on Sep.13, 2018

TsathogguaThe H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast is covering “Tsathoggua” by Michael Shea with special guest PATTON OSWALT! It is the first of a series of Michael’s Mythos stories that Patton intends to cover.

Written with Shea’s vibrant originality, humor, wit and street sense, the story is set in contemporary San Francisco. It pays homage to H.P. Lovecraft’s “Whisperers in Darkness” in which Tsathoggua (1930) first appeared, and to Clark Ashton Smith’s, “Tales of the Satampra Zeiros” (1931). (continue reading…)

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Demiurge: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales

by on Jan.19, 2018

Demiurge: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos TalesFor more than thirty years, Michael Shea has been making his own distinctive contributions to the Cthulhu Mythos devised by H. P. Lovecraft—an entire universe of gods and monsters that hundreds of writers have imitated. But Shea has done a lot more than merely mimic Lovecraft’s prose or add a new god or “forbidden book” to the Mythos. In his Mythos tales, Shea has infused his own unique vision and perspective. (continue reading…)

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Audio Reading of Michael Shea’s Cthulhu Story: Beneath the Beardmore

by on May.02, 2017

Many thanks to Morgan Scorpion for a wonderful reading of Michael’s Cthulhu Mythos story: BENEATH THE BEARDMORE.

A Mountain Walked Paperback frontYou can also read BENEATH THE BEARDMORE in A Mountain Walked, edited by S T Joshi and published by Dark Regions Press in 2014.

It is also released May 2017 by Dark Regions Press in Demiurge: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Tales of Micheal Shea Edited by S. T. Joshi.

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