Whistle and I’ll Come For You My Lad – by M.R. James

by on Jun.18, 2013, under news, reviews

The great Montague Rhodes James has bequeathed a real treat in this piece. How often are we shown a ghost on a windy beach under the wide open sky? Where would the thrill of the unheimlich be, that qualm of the uncanny, with the bright heavens all unfurled above our spector? All I can say is M.R. JAMES had MY spine nailed. Between the wide, wild sea and windy sky it came seeking, darting left and right as it advanced like a hound tracking spoor, and the great James had done the deed: I’d seen a ghost, a blind appetitive thing with a vile, unearthly energy had just crawled through my mind! Thank you MRJ. You rock.

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Marc Laidlaw’s LENG/ Lovecraft Unbound

by on Jun.14, 2013, under news, reviews

Marc Laidlaw is ace enough to know what near neighbors horror and humor are.
The grotesque is the soul of both. In Leng we see the two strains impeccably entwined. Our narrator, newly alighted in Leng: “Never have I visited a culture where mushrooms were of such great ethnic and economic importance.” (!) “… For myself, a mere mushroom enthusiast ” (as opposed to a real mycologist!) “it was an intoxicating stroll.”
To quote Leng at length is hard to resist, but would mar the delight awaiting the unwarned reader. The narrator is penetrating the high fastnesses of Leng in search of Schurr and Perry, two renowned mycologists who have gone before him.
Our seekers at length encounter Heinrich Perry at a temple situated just below the great plateau of Leng. Evasively he indicates that his wife Danielle Schurr is not immediately on hand because, “she has been recognized as a superior practitioner of the mushroom cult.”
These initial disclosures discohere into a yet more alien landsape, a narrative tour de force of transmutation of our characters and their setting alike. In this narrative as in all good horror, the floor caves in beneath us, again, and again, and at last.

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Comment from S.T. Joshi

by on May.31, 2013, under news, reviews

Michael Shea has long been one of the most vital writers of horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

The imaginative scope of his work is exceeded only by the gripping and evocative vibrancy of his prose.

Every new book of his should be greeted with cheers by his many devotees.

S.T. Joshi

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Patton Oswalt comments on Assault on Sunrise

by on May.31, 2013, under news, reviews

Like a new Pixar movie or White Stripes album, a new Michael Shea book is an announcement of foregone quality from a brand that never disappoints.

And Assault on Sunrise, the sequel to the gruesome, thrilling The Extra, exceeds every horror and science fiction fan’s hunger for bold ideas, unspeakable terror, and the kind of tossed-off brilliance that keeps Assault on Sunrise from, technically, being a “page turner” — in that you’ll find yourself re-reading each page to assure yourself that yes, Micheal Shea went there.”

Patton Oswalt

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