HPLovecraft Film Festival in Portland

by on Oct.20, 2010

shazzam! projected from the deep in the previous century, grizzled Michael Shea lands, amid billowing clouds of dust, in twenty-first century cyberspace.  And it appears this hoary visitant intends to really Bleep with said cyberspace. filling it with notices of media events of special interest, fairly littering it with pieces of his own books in progress, and with those wet red abortions that are fully wrought stories, novellas and verses………I’ve just returned from the HPLovecraft Film Festival in Portland (pix to be posted) and as always before it was a wonderful crowd of people–the savvy whacko misfits that are the only people I really like to talk to.  Every year it gets better, and the raging conversation out in front of that Gothic old theatre gets more delightlful every year.  It doesn’t hurt matters any, in this regard,  that more and more writers are showing up lately, along with editors, publishers and those who straddle all three disciplines.  Among them we saw S.T. Joshi, Ellen Datlow, Marc Laidlaw, Cody Goodfellow, Caitlan Kiernan, Jessica Amanda Salmonson –to name a few.  Wonderful, artful neer-do-wells every one……At the end of this month the World Fantasy Convention beckons us to unknown Columbus in mist-shrouded Ohio, and we shall not refuse her call.

So, for now  in appreciation to the fesitval in Portland, I’ll post a bit of the “Ghoul’s” seductive verse from the  recent publication of my story The Recruiter ( Ellen Datlow’s collection H.P. Lovecraft Unbound):

Where the lich in the loam has lain mouldering long

And the maggoty minutes gnaw the meat off his bones,

There Time is a monster that mows down the throng

Of once-have-been, gone-again featureless drones.

But the living dead’s doorways–once opened–gape wider.

There you may go where the galaxies sprawl,

And climb through the star-web as nimble as spiders,

And dart quick as rats through Time’s ceilings and walls.




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